Crisp Vision Optometry Offering Innovative Ocular Surface Disease Treatment: BlephEx

Crisp Vision Optometry is committed to providing Salinas and Monterey area clients with the most cutting-edge, effective eye care techniques currently available. We are pleased to announce the inclusion of the BlephEx procedure for ocular surface disease and blepharitis treatment.

Ocular Surface Disease and Treatment: General Overview

Ocular surface disease refers to disorders affecting the corneal surface of the eye, the frontal transparent layer. Blepharitis and chronic dry eyes are two common examples. Blepharitis involves inflammation often caused by a bacterial eye infection and brings with it a range of uncomfortable symptoms.

Anterior blepharitis affects the front of the eyelid, where eyelashes attach. Posterior blepharitis refers to a dysfunction of the meibomian lubrication glands inside of the eyelids, inhibiting the natural moistening process of the eye’s surface. It is common to have both anterior and posterior blepharitis simultaneously, although they are often at different levels of severity and progression.

Symptoms of blepharitis include persistent burning, itching, watering and irritation of the eyes. There can also be crusting, flaking, redness and a feeling that there might be a foreign body in the eye even when there isn’t.

The BlephEx Optometry Procedure

Fortunately, there is an innovative and effective treatment for ocular surface disease. BlephEx is a gentle, painless outpatient procedure that assists in relieving the symptoms of blepharitis and ocular disease. The BlephEx treatment can help afflicted eyelids to feel normal and healthy again, improving tear duct function and overall corneal and eye health.

Many in the industry consider BlephEx revolutionary. During treatment, a patented hand piece facilitates the directing of a medical grade micro-sponge very precisely along the eyelid edge and lashes. These areas are then gently exfoliated to help remove the offending debris.

Since the patented micro-sponge used in BlephEx technology is disposable, a new one can be utilized for each eyelid. The eyes are then rinsed thoroughly after the procedure.

The BlephEx treatment lasts six to eight minutes and most clients experience little to no discomfort. At most, a slight vibrating sensation is felt. If needed, a numbing drop can be inserted into each eye to ensure comfort throughout the process.

After the BlephEx procedure has been completed, the client will be instructed as to how they can maintain this clean, rejuvenated feeling through daily eye hygiene. The BlephEx procedure can be repeated at the clinic every few months to ensure ongoing relief.

Getting Help with Ocular Surface Disease and Treatment

If you’re ready to receive lasting relief from the symptoms of blepharitis and other ocular diseases, contact Crisp Vision Optometry. We offer the state of the art BlephEx procedure as well as a full range of high tech optometry treatments.

Why wait when you can start experiencing better vision, eye health and comfort in as little as six to eight minutes? Contact Salinas and Monterey Optometrist Crisp Vision Optometry to schedule an appointment today.